WOD: 11-5-12

Strenght L1:  20 mins to find max load:

5RM Thruster

WOD L1:   For time:

15-10-5 reps of:

Deadhang Pull Ups

Strength L2:  20 mins to find max load:

1 Snatch Balance
2 Overhead Squats

WOD L2:  November Baseline:  Amanda:

9-7-5 reps of:


If you are new and wondering what will happen to you if you have already done that workout, then keep wondering.  I am just Josh Ploskering with you.  Don’t know what that means, but it seems to fit perfectly…

There will be an alternate working every time we repeat a Baseline.  This time around it will be quite different then the NB and as a heads up, I suggest you dress warmly.  We have a second On-Ramp class finishing things up this week and we are officially in the Thanksgiving month so be sure to make them feel welcomed.  I have nothing big to discuss, but there is one subject that has been Josh Ploskering me for a while.  We will discuss it later, but in the mean time just know that you are all in trouble.




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